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Vulcan Anti-Limescale systems are the eco friendly alternative to water softeners. Manufactured and engineered in Germany, the innovative impulse technology minimises limescale buildup and removes existing limescale - Vulcan is not Magnetic and does not use salt, chemicals, magnets or alloys. The water is safe to drink - Saves energy, maintenance and cleaning costs - Protects against rust and corrosion - Prolongs the lifespan of your appliances

CWT provides you with even more innovative products to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximise revenue by combating the problems of limescale within residential, commercial and industrial environment.

Vulcan saves on energy, maintenance & cleaning costs and protects against rust and corrosion.
It helps to prolong the lifespan of your appliances and equipment. Easy self install with no downtime & maintenance free, Vulcan has an estimated lifespan 30 years and is backed by a 10 Year International manufacturers warranty

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Model Pipe Size mm Type V3000 ≤38mm (1 ½”) Residential - V5000 ≤50mm (2”) Residential - S10 ≤76mm (3”) Large residential / small commercial - S25 ≤100mm (4”) Small Commercial - S50 ≤125mm (5”) Medium Commercial - S100 ≤150mm (6”) Large Commercial - S150 ≤200mm (8”) Small Industrial - S250 ≤250mm (10”) Medium Industrial - S350 ≤350mm (14”) Large Industrial - S500 ≤500mm (20”) Large Industrial -




Vulcan Descaler Anti-Scale System - The alternative to water softeners (EN)

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