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Rinnai UK is the World's Largest manufacturer of gas appliances, including high efficiency commercial and residential water heaters. Our world class Research and Development division ensures we use innovative technology that creates hard working products that are easy to use, the durability of Rinnai water heaters is reflexed in the extended warranties that we have to offer.

Rinnai UK is the World's Largest manufacturer of gas appliances, including high efficiency commercial and residential water heaters. Rinnai UK can supply complete turn-key solutions for a wide range of hot water and heating requirements, all Rinnai water heaters are A rated under ERP and have some of the highest efficiencies available within the industry. The flexibility of the Rinnai range means that renewable heat sources such as solar can be easily integrated to create even higher system efficiencies.

The world renowned Rinnai infinity water heater range has market leading turn down ratios with some models capable of modulating from 58kw to 2.8kw. The range also produces some of lowest NOx emissions in the industry, helping to comply and surpass the requirements set by eco-design.

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Rinnai UK have been actively sponsoring and supporting professional and grassroots sports during the past two years, you may recall that we had a football themed stand last year. This we will be focussing on rugby with games and prizes to be won... so come on over and join the scrum.



  • Rinnai Infinity Commercial Water heater brochure (8.55 MiB)

    The Rinnai infinity commercial brochure includes a complete overview of our commercial system offering. The brochure includes singular unit arrangements through to modular system set up and acts as a comprehensive guide to our complete commercial offering.

  • Rinnai Infinity Domestic Brochure (5.6 MiB)

    The Rinnai infinity domestic range brochure contains holistic information on our complete range of Rinnai infinity domestic / light commercial appliances, including our market leading K26i which has a efficiency of 107%.

  • Rinnai Infinity Solo Brochure (1.32 MiB)

    The Rinnai infinity solo brochure contains information on our innovative continuous flow and storage solution. This product has been designed to support installers within applications where storage is the only option, this energy efficient and light weight re-circulator water heater comes with a high performance specification and cost effective pricing.


Customer Testimonial 2

Rinnai advocate Ken Hughes from Element Essentials discusses the benefits of Rinnai heating system to his business.

Customer Testimonial 1

Rinnai brand fan Mark Hillier-Rees from CST Renewables highlights the benefits of Rinnai heating systems and support to his organisation.

Customer Testimonial 3

Rinnai long term customer Andy Badnell from BH services, highlights how Rinnai products and services have supported him through the years.

Ian Jenkins

Rinnai UK training officer Ian Jenkins highlights the free training courses that are available to all installer and contractors.