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Monarch Water are a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality, high performance electric & non-electric water softeners, scale removal & prevention systems and water softener salt. Over the last 50+ years, the company has gone from a localised (Norfolk & Suffolk) company to arguably one of the largest water softener companies in the UK. The company prides itself on its reputation for reliable, first in class products, and service delivery to meet the varying needs of its customers. Monarch are exhibiting on Stand 56.

Monarch Water is a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality, high performance electric & non-electric water softeners, scale removal & prevention systems and water softener salt.

The company operates through a network of group and independent merchants, being supported by a high quality sales support team and regionalised service engineers.

THE COMPANY • Over fifty years’ experience in the water softener – water treatment market • Strong track record of growth to meet sales demand – and still growing • High customer and installer recognition for the Monarch Water brand • Flexible in approach to meet merchant product delivery requirements – single order to centralised pallet delivery

PRODUCT RANGE • High quality, high performance product portfolio, for all water treatment needs. • All products are well designed with leading market specifications and technology – build with the customer and installer in mind. • Monarch Water invests in research and development to bring new and relevant products to market to support merchant sales • Next day delivery on all key products • Offers widest supply type for installer across its product range – 15, 22 & 28mm • Reliability of products to prevent installer dissatisfaction – Monarch Water have softeners with a working life of over 30 years

IN-BRANCH & SALES SUPPORT • Experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel to support in branch queries and sales needs • Strong and experienced in-house & field sales teams, to take branch orders and deal with stock or product queries without fuss • Full marketing support literature and POS display to support ‘why Monarch Water’ • Supporting promotional mornings for enhanced branch sales and direct customer questions

POST SALE CARE • Marketing leading product guarantees – 7 year parts and 2 labour • Experienced customer service and field service team to handle all customer service and product queries • Proven customer track record for dealing with technical issues in a timely fashion in order to maintain maximum customer satisfaction • Product range has a high reliability record – low

For more information, contact Mark Jackson on 01986 784759 or mjackson@monarchwater.co.uk. For more company information visit www.monarchwater.co.uk.

Contact Details

Mark Jackson +44 01986 784 759 Visit Website


Monarch Water are running a free to enter prize draw on their stand (56) over the two days. The winning entry will receive a Plumbsoft Solo Ultra – non-electric water softener, with an RRP of £1,034 +VAT. Entrants are only required to submit their business cards and be available for suitable publicity post draw.

Product Launch

Monarch Water will be introducing its new product ScaleoutXP, on stand 56. ScaleoutXP has been designed to give that extra power, performance and protection to permanently prevent limescale for the whole house and its appliances. Every household in the UK has a form of stored water, be it tanks in the roof, the heat exchanger in your combi-boiler or an unvented/pressurised system. Other limescale control devices (LCDs) offer a temporary relief to the effects of hard water, lasting only a few hours. ScaleoutXP, Monarch's next best alternative to a water softener introduces its new advanced technology which is the only limescale control device to permanently remove and prevent the damage caused by hard water. Whilst reducing the impact of scale it is now more powerful to; remove existing scale and prevent new scale forming, compact and easily installed, available in 15, 22 and 28mm supplies, uses no electricity and the only scale inhibitor giving permanent treatment.



  • Monarch Water Product Guide (1.87 MiB)

    Monarch Water's product guide covering the company's range of high performance electric & non-electric water softeners, scale removal & prevention systems, water softener salt and ancillary products.

  • Ultimate Water Softener Range (3.83 MiB)

    Ultimate range of high performance electric water softeners offering economy, efficiency and reliability. The range includes the first in its class - the Monarch Midi - water softener

  • Plumbsoft Water Softener Range (3.32 MiB)

    Monarch's leading range of non-electric water softeners., offering 1 - 15 person, high capacity and high flow rates as standard.

  • Monarch Scaleout XP (0.97 MiB)

    Introducing Scaleout XP, Monarch's ultimate in permanent limescale protection.


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