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Water purification, water softening, drinking water purification. legionella treatment and testing. Water audit, Water coolers, Reverse osmosis units, Ph correctional units, Iron removal systems. Ultra violet disinfection. UV filtration. RO purification. Plumbed in Water coolers.

EWT is one of Europe's leading water purification companies. Established in 2002 EWT have 67 staff servicing over 200,000 customers in the UK, Ireland, Poland and Lithuania. In 2012 the company reached the final of the “European Business of the year awards”. Today the company has attained more then 50 Awards and Accreditations from marketing to new product awards and in 2016 won "Customer Service company of the year". Water softening, legionella treatment and testing and water purification is our main focus in EWT with our recently launched "Water Audit Programme" becoming extremely popular with hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and office blocks across the UK.

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Office water cooler - no more bottles with the EWT plumbed in water cooler

Plumbed in water coolers from EW Technologies

EWT Water Audit

Water Audits - Limited number of Free Water Audits worth £1500. Please call to our stand Number 24 for more detals

EWT Gold Range Water Softeners

Commercial and Domestic Water Softeners from EWT